Nov 262016

Released: November 25, 2016

Today TRIPP has returned and this southern drawn Ex Marine has come back for a bigger payback this time since he’s crossing the sexual lines with Rob. This 6’6″ straight giant takes on Rob’s ass and learns exactly how to Fuck a gay dude’s ass. Watch rob take TRIPP and methodically break him down piece by piece until TRIPP falls and delivers an orgasm that is truly worthy of mention!

Tripp is a mild mannered guy who is a bit on the conservative side. Country boy at heart who loves to wear cowboy boots as part of his look. On today’s occasion Tripp arrived in his country outfit ready to try something new. This is Tripp’s second performance at MIlitaryClassified and he’s jumped right into the thick of things and gave Rob the OK to use him as long as he gets compensated for his time.

Once all the paperwork was out of the way we made our way to my living room where we shoot the photo shoot in record time. Tripp was on point and never in front of a camera before. Tripp’s deep blue eyes just melt you and when the clothes came off, Tripp was sporting a healthy uncut 7 inch monster. I was eyeing it from the photoshoot and knew it was only a matter of time before I feel that cock up my ass pounding away.

Once we made our way to my bedroom it was no holes barred and when the cameras began running, I was in full mode and on my knees beginning what I thought was the perfect blowjob. Tripp warmed up to the BJ rather quickly and soon he was sporting a new big fat hard on and he was looking at me in awe wondering what I was doing to make his dick get hard so fast. The blowjob led to the inevitable fuck and that’s where the fun began.

Tripp was an excellent candidate to experiment on and he actually performed incredibly well for being his first time. Tripp fucked like a champ and before long Tripp was giving Rob the signal that he was ready to cum. Its interesting how a guy knows when he’s about to cum and his entire body, demeanor and mood change, tensed up and in almost complete desperation blows his load all over Rob’s ass!


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