Nov 272016

Released: November 23, 2016

Jason thick gravy was the ingredient that I needed to complete my holiday dinner! Lol. What better way to celebrate an All-American Thanksgiving tradition than by having this All American favorite Beefcake! Like seasoning a main dish, I was side to side teasing his body until finding the right angle to get a mouthful of his juicy cock. Good thing that I had him lay on the bed so we can enjoy his beautiful legs and feet. Beefcake Jason was out of the country for months with his Latina wife, but a few weeks after arriving to the States, it seemed like the “pressure” was building up inside his sexy body. No wonder he was rock hard all the time, and he made me stop a couple of times to avoid cumming. Ohh yeah, he is very professional and he knows we need more footage of the feast, which is sucking his cock, and have you also noticed Hunters? That he never shaved his pubes again after I told him that we love hairy pubes? This was supposed to be an anal scene but Jason wanted to save that gig for right before going back to South America to spend Christmas with his wife, yeah. .he is very smart too! This scene reminds me a lot the scene with Beefcake Chico, but here there is a lot of nipple kissing and some body massage, by now we all know how comfortable Jason is at Beefcakehunter Land! For sure there will be some ass licking in our next encounter and who knows maybe even a kiss since many of you would love to see that Soon after I gave him the ok to cum, he tried to reach the remote control to re-play the pussy porn that was playing , but it was too late… LOL: Jason thick gravy was already at the tip of his cock and it wasn’t much time to play around LOL .This time besides his exceptional hard cock, he delivered an exceptional amount of cum, wow and it was so funny how he whispered “sigue asi” (Spanish for “continue like that”, you can tell he is married to a Latina ) when I was continuing to jerk him off after he came, Jason loves that edging! Enjoy your holiday Hunters! And enjoy Jason thick gravy too!


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